Sheep for Sale

The quality of sheep in South Africa is some of the best in the world. It's no secret that much of our sheep meat is exported to other countries, given that it is so tasty. Sheep are farmed on a commercial scale in many parts of the country, but this most happens in the Karoo region. Farmers that have a surplus of sheep will often try to sell them off to other farmers or butcheries which are willing to pay the best price. Sheep are graded on various scales, because not only is their meat valuable, but so is their fleece. To get the best quality sheep for sale it's important to take into account where the sheep were brought up and if they are in a healthy state.

Discount Sheep
The most common place to get sheep for sale would be at livestock auctions, these usually happen on the outskirts of main cities, which make it easier for farmers. Sheep auctions are ideal for people looking purchase a handful of sheep in small amounts, however when looking to purchase sheep at a discount then it makes sense to approach farmers directly. Large sheep farmers will often have sheep for sale at discount prices provided that they are bought in bulk. The big buyers are usually large national butcheries which act on behalf of large supermarket chains as well as other farmers looking to expand on the amount of sheep on their farm.


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